Customized cylinders

Grices produces customized cylinders both with the possibility to construct cylinders from the client’s design or develop projects designed by our technical department following the customer’s request.

Grices has developed experience and know-how in its 35 years of cylinders production for different application sectors with a vast variety of operating conditions such as temperature, pressure, fluid control, cyclicality, lateral stress etc. allows us to provide the client the best solution.

We are able to produce all necessary parts for the cylinders construction in our plant which include the accurate mounting processes and the final tests.The choice of selected materials, the severe controls of 100% of all cylinders produced and the quality of the means of production, allows us to reach high standards of quality, reliability and enduring product performance.

On request it is possible to produce cylinders with the following certificates: RI.NA, Lloyd, TUV, Bureau Veritas.
On request it is possible to produce cylinders that follow standards: ASME, AD2000, GOST, PED.

General specifications of customized cylinders:

  • Maximum pressure 80 MPa
  • Bore 400 mm
  • Stroke : for single rod up to 4000 mm, for telescopic rod 12000 mm

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