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Grices Hydraulic Cylinders S.r.l., as owner of your personal data processing, informs you on their usage and on your rights, so that you can conciously give your consent, when requested, to exercise the rights provided by the general regulation for data protection (European regulation 679/2016, from now on: the regulation)




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It is your right to ask and obtain the list of third parties to whom the data are transmitted. Your consent for the data transmission is requested but, in the case of denial, Grices Hydraulic Cylinders could not be able to provide the requested services or meeting the obligations that has committed towards you.


It is possible that the processor delegates your data processing to other sub processors, that, in their turn, are prepared on the right data processing procedures. Your data can be transmitted to a foreign country. If this happens inside the European Union borders, your data will be processed the same way they are processed in Italy.



In case of transmission to countries external to the European Union, the data will be processed according to the rights provided by the European Regulation. If your data are transmitted to a country external to EU, it is possible that they will be processed by processors that grant the respect of the rights provided by European Regulation, through the volountary compliance with general measures.


The data transmission will occur through tools which guarantee the protection of this data from third parties abuses.


Your data will be kept by the owner, in respect of the intended purpose, for the amount of time necessary for the execution of the relationship with you, to grant the mutual protection of the rights in legal branch and to respect the legal obligations.


The unnecessary data will be removed by the end of the deadline provided by the right to be forgotten, as stated below, or by your request even in a smaller amount of time if this is not in contrast with the owner’s rights. Your data that are not meant to be preserved for a specific legal obligation will be deleted within a year.


Other rights:


  • Is your right to propose a complaint to the national authority at any time (guarantor for the protection of personal data) if you believe that your right has been infringed
  • It is your right that your data are always correct and up to date, at any time you can request the update of them
  • It is your right to revoke your consent when it is not prevented by law or by the rights of the owner, even in court of law. The revocation gives rise to the right of limitation of processing.
  • It is your right to access your data processed by the owner through a written request, even an informatic one. It is necessary that you can prove your idendity, even through the access to our database with a unique credenzial referred to your person.
  • It is your right to a free access for the first time, it could be requested a charge fort the following requests.
  • It is your right to receive an answer within 30 days from the request
  • It is your right to have your data in a printable format
  • It is your right to correct and update your data and request the correction and update when they are not correct or updated.


In order to grant the data update, we invite you to inform us about every useful variation.

  • It is your right to delete your personal data, as long as they are not to be preserved for legal obligations by the owner, for example, obligations regarding tax laws, anti-money laundery or to protect the owner’s right in the court


If you contest the accuracy of your data, or the lawfulness of the processing, or the owner’s right to delete your data, or if you oppose to the data processing and the owner contest your opposition, it is your right that your data are kept but not processed, if not in the limit of what is necessary to solve the debate about them (limitation principle)


If the owner modifies or deletes completely or partially your data, it is your right to be informed and to oppose to it.



  • It is your right to transfer your data – kept and processed electronically – to another operator, in the limits of the regulamentation, so that they are easy to read and to acquire by third parties. Are part of this data the ones resulting from your activity on the owner’s informatic services, as searches and history of the activities





Your requests can be carried out through written notification to the company address Via Postale Vecchia 111, 23857 Valgreghentino to the attention of the owner, or at the email address hydraulic@pec.grices.it.

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