The compact construction with round head fits to the most demanding and challenging industrial actuation requests with continuous nominal pressure up to 16 MPa.

The choice of selected materials, the severe controls of 100% of all cylinders produced and the quality of the means of production, allows us to reach high standards of quality, reliability and enduring product performance.

The seals used, supplied by premium suppliers, grant high performance and international availability. The wide range of seals, allows us to offer cylinders for applications with different kinds of hydraulic fluids, speed, frequency and operating temperature.

Our production includes the optional integration of position transducers.

Technical charateristics:
  • Standard ISO 6020/1
  • Nominal pressure 16 MPa (continuous operation)
  • Maximum pressure 25 MPa
  • Bore 40-320 mm
  • Stroke up to 4000 mm
  • Single or double rod
  • Up to 2 rod diameter per bore
  • 8 Mounting styles Ref. ISO MP3 – MF4 – MF3 –MS2 –MT4 – MF1 –MF2 –MP5

  • Fixed or adjustable cushions
  • Integrated head mounted proximity sensor
  • Integrated position transducer
  • Air bleeds
  • Rod treatment : chromed, induction hardened and chromed, nickel-chromed
  • Drainage

EPC Cylinder configurator
This is an innovative tool that allows the client to configure CA cylinders in a rapid and intuitive way, guiding the technician through the choices of all the options available. Once the cylinder code is defined, the EPC software provides 2D, 3D and PDF drawings, and gives the user the possibility to save projects and request offers.
With the complete access, reserved to the purchasing department, it is possible to make orders directly. For all orders received through EPC an extra discount will be applied.

1 Rod Chromium-plated steel
2 Dust scraper Nitrile rubber
3 Guide flange Steel
4 Rod seal Nitrile rubber + PTFE
5 Guide bushing Steel
6 O-Ring + anti-extrusion
Nitrile rubber + sealon
7 Front head Steel
8 Pipe flange Steel
9 O-Ring + anti-extrusion Nitrile rubber + sealon
10 Liner Steel
11 Front brake bushing Steel
12 Piston Steel
13 Anti-friction slide PTFE
14 Piston b seal Nitrile rubber + PTFE
15 Anti-friction slide Nitrile rubber + PTFE
16 Pipe flange Steel
17 O-Ring + anti-extrusion Nitrile rubber + sealon
18 Rear brake Steel
19 Rear head Steel
20 Cap screw Steel
21 Safety plug Steel
22 O-Ring Nitrile rubber
23 Adjustment needle Steel
24 Position indicator Steel

Mounting style

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